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Trust the Self.
Though all else will let you down, the Self will not.
It is the one pursuit with which your efforts are promised effective reward.


Faith, devotion and meditation are the means to liberation.

That is, being devoted to the pursuit of finding and knowing your Self, clinging to your Self lovingly in whatever degree you come to know it, and trusting the Self to respond openly and fully to your passion for it, are the means to liberation.


Meditation is becoming aware of your Self gradually, but certainly.

When you meditate, you cling to the element of Self that has been revealed, and then wait there for the sun to rise even higher.


Devotion is the loving, undying commitment to the pursuit of finding your Self.


Faith is trusting that your desire, and your efforts in pursuit of your desire, shall result in the end you seek.

With faith, you keep pushing forward. You do not waver, because you know that to waver is to hold off that which you seek.


Be devoted to knowing one’s Self in truth.
This is the highest of all desires.
Therefore, it reaps the highest of all rewards!


In gratitude, rejoice!
Your desire is indeed powerful, and you shall receive what you desire in full!

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