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December 26, 2012

What is the purpose of the world to the ego-sense?
It gives me an identity. I am “this” and “not that”. Regardless of what this identity is, it is precious to me because it makes firm the idea of me.

Without ego-sense, what purpose is there for a world?
Without a separate self seeking to confirm itself through identity and sense-stimulation, I cannot think of a purpose for the world.

Therefore, is the world a creation that comes from knowledge of Self or from the search to make a separate self seem real?
Given these choices I would have to say the world comes form the search (or desire) to make a separate self seem real.

What, then, is the core craving at the foundation of all seeming desires in the world?
Make me seem real.

In Self can there be desire?

If the idea of no desires is threatening, what is threatened?
The idea of a separate me is threatened by the idea of no desires, because the base desire at the core of all desires is ‘make me seem real.’

From → f) #651-675, Step 3

One Comment
  1. “If the ego-sense ceases to be, then the illusory world-appearance does not germinate again and all cravings come to an end.”

    ~ The Supreme Yoga, Yoga Vasistha

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