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January 23, 2013

What is the primary craving of the ego?
To be somebody.
It wants to identify itself as I am this.

In your experience as a person, has the ego been able to claim “I am this”?
(Fill in “this” with anything specific.)
Yes, many times. There has been I am a college student. I am a bluegrass fan. I am a good pet owner. I am lonely. I am always able to find the positive side of things. I am a professional. I am a mother. I am a spiritual teacher. I can’t write all of the specific ego definitions there have been.

And is the ego satisfied? Look carefully. Is the ego still craving to be something?
Yes. The ego wants to be uninterested in thoughts. It wants to be empty in experience. It wants to know God as Self.

From → g) #676-700, Step 3

One Comment
  1. “When the mind ceases to be, the craving ceases to be too. When the mind is dead and the craving is dead, delusion has vanished and egolessness is born. Hence, I am awakened in this state of wakefulness.”

    ~ The Supreme Yoga, Yoga Vasistha

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