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January 29, 2013

What is mind?
Mind is thoughts, attention, decision making and interpretation (a.k.a., judgment).
I give this answer from my own experience and observation; not from learning.

What are you feeling now?
Obstinate. Human. Ignorant (or lacking in the ability to see beyond the human perspective).

Where do these interpretations come from?
The mind.

Then, what is mind?
It is a way of understanding everything from a strictly individualistic point of view.

Is mind correct in its understanding?
No. It is interpretative.

The power of mental interpretation is much greater than mind itself imagines. Mind does not literally project. That is a symbol. Mind interprets, and its interpretive power allows it to experience that which is literally not there. (Just as you experienced willingness as obstinateness a moment ago.)


Note:  In this inquiry with myself, I felt like an obstinate child who was unable to see the metaphysics beyond the human perspective. Simultaneously, I followed this inquiry trusting it would bring me to clear seeing. Therefore, obstinate was an interpretive illusion; willingness and trust were present throughout the inquiry.)

From → g) #676-700, Step 3

One Comment
  1. “As long there is mind, there is no cessation of sorrow. When the mind ceases, the world-appearance also ceases to be. The mind is the seed for misery.”

    ~ The Supreme Yoga; Yoga Vasistha

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