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January 30, 2013

If I believe I am a person, I will listen to mind because I will also believe mind is my protector and my salvation.

If I believe that objects are real I will desire control, because I will perceive objects (or circumstances) that can save me and objects (or circumstances) that can harm me.

If I believe my salvation is in the world, I will listen to mind’s assessments of good and bad, wanted and not wanted.

I cannot let go of listening to mind without letting go of attachments and beliefs that keep me pinned to mind.

From → h) #701-725, Step 3

One Comment
  1. “As long as the concepts born of ignorance persist, as long as there is perception of that which is not the infinite and as long as there is hope in the trap known as the world, so long one entertains notions of mind, etc. As long as one considers the body as the ‘I’ and as long as the Self is related to what is seen, as long as there is hope in objects with the feeling ‘this is mine’, so long there will be delusion concerning mind, etc.”

    ~ The Supreme Yoga; Yoga Vasistha

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