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September 5, 2013

What is the mind?

What, then, is the mind dependent on for apparent existence?

The body and personality are creations of the mind, giving the mind an apparent identity and something to think about.

Without thinking, there is no mind.
Without change, there is nothing to think about.
Reality is seen as a threat to the mind because there is nothing to think about in reality.

The mind is change and it is dependent on apparent change for its seeming existence. Yet all of these vapors of movement are allowed within something that does not change, something that is enduring and beyond change.

From → j) #751-785, Step 3

One Comment
  1. “On examination, even the body, etc. are seen to be unreal and false. When even the mind has ceased with the cessation of notions concerning the body and the world, the Self or the infinite consciousness alone remains.”

    ~ The Supreme Yoga; Yoga Vasistha

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