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September 6, 2013

Where in me is “modification impossible”?
Can I go there?

We know it is not the body.
The body changes.

We know it is not the mind.
The mind is change.

It also is not this human awake consciousness, because this is lost in sleep.

What is here that is always here and never lost?
Can I see that?
Can I realize that?
Can I go back that far?

What goes back that far and what cannot?
What am I and what is only false identification?

From → j) #751-785, Step 3

One Comment
  1. “In the infinite and unmodified or unconditioned consciousness modification is impossible; the conditioning is but a false notion. Therefore, it melts away in the heart of one who has Self-knowledge and who is free from delusion and ego-sense.”

    The Supreme Yoga; Yoga Vasishta

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