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September 26, 2013

“I” and “the world” are two.
As long as there is “I” and “the world”, there is ignorance.

Angry “I” and “the world” is ignorance.
Joyous “I” and “the world” is ignorance.
Spacious “I” and “the world” is ignorance.

“I” may experience many shifts and changes as the mind accepts spiritual teaching and realization as truth. As mind observes its own shifts, it may perceive itself as enlightened.

An enlightened mind is reflective of truth, but a reflection is not that which it reflects.

A reflection that believes it is that which it reflects is deluded.

Stay clear.
“I” at its best reflects its source.
The source itself knows only its Self.

From → j) #751-785, Step 3

One Comment
  1. “To the wise there is neither ego-sense nor the world.”

    ~ The Supreme Yoga; Yoga Vasistha

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