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September 27, 2013

True Self holds no concepts.
It is beyond concepts.
It is conceptless.

Therefore, that which holds concepts is not true Self, although it may be a perfect reflection of Self.

That which is a perfect reflection of Self is not to be judged as less than that which it reflects, nor is it to be confused with that which it reflects.

Between the two, there lies clarity.
In clarity, one finds harmony.
In harmony, one is guided by perfect-reflection intuition.

From → j) #751-785, Step 3

One Comment
  1. “The Self alone is real, devoid of the concepts of time, space and such other notions; the Self is not a void. This truth is realized only by those who are established in the supreme state, not by those who rest in the ego-sense.”

    ~ The Supreme Yoga; Yoga Vasistha

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