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March 31, 2014

Watch that mind.
It is always wishing, always desiring, always dreaming.

What are these wishes, these desires, these dreams?

It is the stuff continued dreams are made of.

You know this is true. You have seen your past wishes come into manifestation. You have also seen that those manifestations are simply more distraction from reality. They pull you more from that which is reality and more into that which is dream. And yet, even though this is seen clearly, dreaming … wishing, desiring … continues.

At least it is being seen. It is being recognized.
This is a first step.
Now it is time to move from the first step, to the final step.
The step that allows the end of dreams is disengaging from the dreaming mind.
Stay still within, completely disengaged from mind.
Be moved by something that is not mind.
Let dreams go, … completely.
Dreams only result in continued dreaming.
Dreams do not awaken.

From → j) #751-785, Step 3

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