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September 22, 2015

I believe, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”
So the question becomes:
Do I have an intense yearning (will) for awakening?

I like enjoying life, although it doesn’t seem to require anything special for me to ‘enjoy’ anymore. I enjoy whatever is here now. I like that, and I would love going deeper into that … deeper into enjoyment of all things.

I also tire of being lost in mind; I tire of its chatter. And so I really enjoy bringing attention out of mind and placing it with awareness or with whatever is here now, like a fly on the windowsill cleaning himself so very thoroughly.

I also want to know what the certainty of eternal life feels like, knowing I am not this body-mind and knowing that when this body-mind ends, what I am continues, even if I don’t know specifics regarding what ‘continue’ means. Just that certainty is enough. That certainty alone transcends all fear.

I would like to be fully benign, in no way adding to the suffering that is experienced in the world. I would also be quite happy to help end suffering, even if I appear to be doing nothing.

Of course, I would be very content to know truth, whatever it is, even if it is nothing that I expect it to be. Simply knowing truth for truth’s sake is enough for me.

I think this means that I want to awaken, and it is fair to say that everything else is secondary, although it all still appears as my daily life.

From → #786-802, Step 4

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