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September 29, 2015

What desires distract me from full devotion to the desire to awaken?

I find that thoughts of the future distract me. For example, in 4 to 5 months I will get a new space in my house as my office. My office has always been in an open space in my house, but in 4 to 5 months I will be in a private room with a door. My mind drifts off into thinking what furniture I will put in my office and how I will arrange that furniture.

That thinking is a distraction from true desire, because my love is here now. When I think of the future, it is as if I am sitting on the sofa with the one I desire most, but then I get up from the sofa and run off to chase after imaginary playmates who are not really there.

When my mind drifts to the future, I will think of this image and then return to the present to settle in gratefully with my very present love.

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