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October 3, 2015

How does one desire truth when truth is unknown to the mind?

One does not need to desire truth with the mind. One does not need to imagine and envision, which is mind’s way of desiring. One does not need to think about and plan in the way mind does when it desires something it thinks it does not have.

There is another way of desiring.

One may simply be.

One can be present with the coolness or warmth of the air.

One can notice the present stillness-love in the heart, and rest devotionally there.

One may reflect attention on present changeless awareness.

These are examples of how to be with one’s desire for truth. One may be with this desire always, regardless of current circumstances. There is nothing that can distract away from this desire when one wants, out of love, to be with it always.

From → #786-802, Step 4

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