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December 17, 2015

Have I always been perfect at listening to the inner Guide?
No, of course not.
But I pause now to ask, “What am I?”

As I pause and look, I get lost in something that could only be called ‘now.’
I see my dog nuzzle her nose against the soft pillow-like sides of her bed as she makes herself comfortable. I feel the butterfly-like fluttering of my spiritual heart. I note the endless silence that is present in my very aware mind. My toes are cool. My essence is in love. This love is joy.

Where is the idea of a ‘me’ who has not followed the inner Guide perfectly?
It cannot be found here.

Here – My dog’s graying whiskers.
Here – The sound of the heater.
Here – Eternal peace holding me, enfolding me, as me.

There is only here now.

From → #803-819, Step 4

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