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April 18, 2016

The ego tendencies I’ve seen today are not new.
They are attacking me.
They are attacking my ability to meditate.
They are attacking truth.
They are even attacking the possibility of truth.

How do I inadvertently believe these tendencies?
When I avoid meditation, I am believing these tendencies.

Choosing to meditate anyway is disregarding these tendencies, since one who believed what I have been hearing would most definitely quit meditating.

After all, the mind says I can’t meditate.
The mind says I will never be able to meditate.
The mind says the only reason I am willing to sit in the pretense of meditation is because I am lazy.
The mind says I am a fool for wanting to reach a nonexistent truth through meditation.

The mind is not very nice.
That alone is a reason to continue to meditate.
Meditation transcends the mind.

How do I know that?

It only stands to reason.
After all, look at how much the mind objects to meditation, to my willingness to meditate, and to my best efforts at meditation.

I shall continue to meditate.

From → #820-852, Step 4

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