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April 28, 2016

I want to make one more comment before leaving the topic of desire for the world.
This is something I discovered on silent retreat in New Hampshire many years ago, and I recently ran across a quote where Ramana Maharishi was making the same recommendation.

I want to say “I” to myself.
Just “I”.

When I say “I” to myself, it reaches down, deep into the heart, beyond the heart and into the core of the belly, into the gut, and it sends back a reminder of who I am, which is not the mind.

Practicing “I” can help genuinely bypass any apparent desire for the world, because those desires are the mind’s thoughts, not mine.

This is the quote from Ramana Maharshi, which I ran across just yesterday:

“If you can do nothing more, at least continue saying “I, I” to yourself mentally, all the time, as advised in “Who am I?”, whatever work you may be doing and whether you are sitting, standing or walking. “I” is the name of God. It is the first and greatest of all mantras (repeated sacred words or syllables). Even OM is second to it.”

From → #820-852, Step 4

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