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May 12, 2016

Is there a “natural yearning for Self-knowledge” here?

Why do I seek truth?
What is the truth about this seeking?

The only answer that comes is that I have to know.
It’s as if there is an innocent honesty in me that does not want to be fooled anymore.
It says, “If there is a truth, why would I want something else? … And there must be a truth. It only stands to reason. How could non-truth be? It can’t. Only truth can be.”

This innocent honesty is genuine.
Its heart breaks at the thought of being fooled.
It cries and cries and cries when it thinks that an honest, genuine truth can be right here and it can still be ignorantly and blindly fooled into falsehood.

It’s cry is, “Don’t lie to me.”
However, it isn’t looking out asking others not to lie.
It is looking at itself. “Don’t lie to me.”
It wants honesty and truth here.

“No!” it says. “No! I will not settle for something that isn’t truth no matter how much it shines, and no matter how fun that pretending may be. I want only truth now … genuine, authentic, real truth. Fully realized. Nothing less.”


From → #820-852, Step 4

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