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May 14, 2016

I notice more now that there are people who cannot understand me.
I see how they see me through their beliefs and conditioning.
Their understanding is limited by their point-of-view.
And so, I let go of a personality-characteristic that has always been a part of this conditioning.

I let go of any and all desire to be understood.

That was important before.
Now it is irrelevant.

The body-mind has reacted to this decision with sadness.
I know this was important to this personality, because I have memories of how fiercely it sometimes fought to be understood, especially in close relationships. There were the words, “I need you to understand …”

Not feeling understood put a strain on relationships, because it was important.
Some friendships ended, because “she did not understand me.”
There was contraction in the chest when my words/intention/perspective were misunderstood. I wanted to correct misunderstanding until understanding was achieved.

It is okay, little self.
You can cry at this letting go.
I know understanding seemed important to your sense of self.
It was integral to your sense of self-value.

Go ahead. Be sad.
Letting go is occurring.

(I am reminded that the Wicked Witch of the West cried as she melted in the Wizard of Oz, but melting happened anyway.)

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