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May 18, 2016

Will obligation call me away from this trail up the mountain?

Obligation is different than a necessary activity.
Obligation has a hidden motive in it.
When one feels obligated, one is actually trying to get something.
There is a hidden thought that “I won’t get what I want if I don’t do this.”
And so, I am obligated.

No one obligates me but me.
If I let go of all wanting but one, I can have no obligations.

Are there wantings I am not willing to give up?
Do I cling to my obligations?

Watch with honesty, and see.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

p.s. A necessary activity is prompted from within. The movement comes with a clean “it’s time now” feeling. It is to be done, but it has no hidden motive. There is no trying to get; there is only doing. This doing can be done without calling one back down from the mountain. It can be done along the way as one hikes the trail of Self-realization.

From → #820-852, Step 4

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