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May 19, 2016

If I am attached to the transient, I experience pleasure and sorrow.
If I experience contentment and transience, am I resting in the Self?
Or is there a middle ground, like a bridge between two worlds?

It seems to me that a purified mind experiences the world differently than a mind that is fully dreaming, but a purified mind is not resting or abiding in the Self.

A purified mind has learned not to believe mental interpretation.
The purified mind is like a clean mirror.
However, as long as attention focuses on the mirror, it is not resting in the Self.

Before now my primary focus has been cleaning the mirror. I thought that was the process of awakening when it was actually taking away the spots on the mirror so attention would have less to get lost in. However, attention’s habit of staring outward into the mirror has not changed at all.

The focus is different now. Now, the same effort that went into purifying the mind must be put into turning attention around so that it looks toward the Self and learns to rest there instead of being mesmerized by the objects in the mirror.

From → #820-852, Step 4

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