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August 24, 2016


My dictionary defines restraint as a type of prevention. For example, you may restrain/prevent yourself from shouting by making a decision not to shout. You may restrain a child in a car seat in the hopes of preventing injury.

In the context of this quote, what is there to prevent?

The quote says, “If you really have a desire for liberation, avoid the senses from a great distance, as you would poison …”

What is to be prevented? Seeing? Hearing? Touching? Tasting? Smelling?

No, as long as there is a human experience, these things cannot be prevented.

What is the wisdom of this quote?

The answer that continually comes to me is this: Going out.
Attention that is outward focused, absorbed in thought, is completely lost.
Habitual going out is to be prevented.

How does one prevent habitual going out?

One meditates, watching awareness, as much as possible.
One tunes into intuition instead of the mind.
One looks frequently at awareness during the day … many, many short glimpses.
One makes awareness her primary interest through her desire for awakening, through her curiosity about the Self, and through her love of eternal truth.


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