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“The Seven Steps to Awakening” is a collection of quotes by masters such as Ramana Maharshi, Annamalai Swami, Vasistha & Sankara, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Muruganar and Sadhu Om. The quotes were collected by Michael Langford and published together in one book. The purpose of the collection is “to show how to remove the obstacles that prevent most aspirants from bringing the imposter self to its final end.”

Regina Dawn Akers’ heart is guiding her to use “The Seven Steps to Awakening” in her practice. As a part of using this book, she is keeping this online journal. The posts in this journal are her thoughts pertaining to each quote in “The Seven Steps to Awakening.”  The numbered post corresponds directly to the same numbered quote in “The Seven Steps to Awakening.”

If you would like to order “The Seven Steps to Awakening” for yourself, click here.

Visit Regina’s website for writings, audios and videos from her spiritual journey.

Here is a link to the Awareness Watching Awareness website, which is related to “The Seven Steps to Awakening.”


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